Our Partners

Ridge Church is privileged to collaborate with a variety of organizations that are on mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe!

Impact Ministries | Guatemala

Impact Ministries' mission is to train Guatemalans for leadership by teaching biblical principles in such a way that they become integrated in their lives and effect spiritual change in their society, and to impact North American Christians for world missions.

In August 2023, Ridge Church will be sending a short-term missions team on a trip to Guatemala in partnership with Impact Ministries. This opportunity is open to all followers of Jesus with a heart to serve, regardless of formal skills or qualifications.

If you are interested in the August trip, please sign up for an interview time where you can learn more about this opportunity!

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Casa Hogar | Honduras

Casa Hogar is an orphanage in the Central American country of Honduras that exists to provide a home for children and young people. It meets practical needs such as shelter, food, education and clothing. The satisfaction of these basic needs creates a safe environment for emotional healing. Ultimately, Casa Hogar is a place where kids and youth can respond to Jesus' love and grace.

For 14 years, Melodie Francis has been serving as a missionary at Casa Hogar under the leadership of Fellowship Canada, the same denominational group that oversees Ridge Church. Melodie functions as a social worker, mother, and tutor to the forty or so children in her care.

As a church, we support Melodie and her husband Yeffri through prayer and financial assistance. We encourage you to consider sponsoring a child through Fellowship Canada, or even participating in a short term missions trip.

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Operation Christmas Child |

Operation Christmas Child shares the hope of the gospel with children who are victims of war, poverty, and natural disasters. Every year, churches and non-profits around the world fill shoeboxes with Christmas presents to send to other countries!

This video shows the joy and the gospel message these shoeboxes bring.

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Casa Compasiva | Oaxaca, Mexico

Casa Compasiva, or Compassion House, is a Christian birth and midwifery training centre. Lila Quesada founded the centre in 2011 when she saw the need for quality maternity care in Oaxaca, Mexico, where maternity care is usually inaccessible to all but the most wealthy. The team at Casa Compasiva offers prenatal classes, delivery assistance, and postpartum care as well as Bible studies and spiritual education opportunities.

Alongside her work at Casa Compasiva, Lila is also involved in creating audio recordings of the New Testament in the 120 languages that are spoken in Oaxaca. These recordings incorporate multiple voice actors, music, and sound effects to help the text come alive. They are distributed free of charge throughout the region so that all might hear the gospel in their own language.

Casa Compasiva operates under the leadership of Missionary Ventures Canada.

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Camp in a Box | Latvia

Steve and Natalija Janz lead Camp in a Box, a unique and effective ministry that develops Christian leaders and evangelizes to youth in Latvia. Camp in a Box is a collapsible summer camp that fits into a shipping crate and can be set up in any location. It includes tents, seventy-five beds, a portable kitchen, a large meeting tent, heated showers, toilets, sporting equipment, and other essential tools.

All of this complements the mentoring relationships that Steve is forging with young Latvian leaders. Steve trains mentors who each commit to disciple four kids over the span of a year. These relationships often continue beyond this one year commitment, bearing fruit for both the kids and their mentors.

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