Do you call Ridge Church your home church? Your next step is to become a member, let's connect!

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~ Daniel Sandison | Associate Pastor

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Membership at Ridge Church is about 5 beliefs:


1) "I belong." You sense that God wants you here with the people of Ridge Church.

2) "I share ministry goals." You believe Jesus has a work to do here at Ridge Church and you’re
willing to join with others to see that it gets done.

3) “I accept responsibility for fellow believers.” You want to be part of a caring community of people who grow more like Jesus through worship, Bible study, serving and fellowship.

4) “I am accountable to mature brothers and sisters in Christ.”  You don’t want to go it alone while standing for Jesus Christ; you want to receive the guidance, equipping and assistance necessary to remain on target.

5) “I accept responsibility for how things are done here.” Members elect our board, other church officers, approve an annual ministry budget and call senior pastors to serve as our spiritual leaders. Every member helps shape our church’s direction and ministry goals.

Any questions? Please contact Pastor Daniel.