SCRIPTURE: Philippians 3:8 - 11 


  1. Read Psalm 63:1.  What does it mean to ‘know God’ (as opposed to knowing a lot about God or being right with God or doing things for God)?  
  2. Read Philippians 3:8. 
    1. Has it ever cost you something to identify as a follower of Jesus?  If so, what did it cost you? 
    2. If it hasn’t cost you much -- and for many of us it hasn’t cost us much -- should we be concerned about the fact that it hasn’t really cost us much?  Why or why not?  
  3. Read Philippians 3:10.  
    1. What does it mean to know the power of Jesus’ resurrection?  
  4. Read Romans 8:11. 
    1. What implication does Jesus’ resurrection have for this life that we are living right now? How does Jesus’ resurrection and the new creation that it points to, give us strength and confidence in the present? 
    2. Have you ever experienced significant suffering or stress alongside someone else?  Did it draw you together or push you apart?  
    3. How does sharing in the sufferings of Jesus help us know Jesus’ more?  
    4. How does dying to yourself lead to a closer relationship with Jesus? As you look back on the history of your relationship with Jesus, when were you closest to Jesus?  What was it about that time that caused your relationship to be so strong?