1. Have you ever had a time that you really struggled to be part of Ridge Church (or another church)? What made you “stand firm”? 
  2. In verse 1, the Apostle Paul speaks of the work of Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit in someone’s life as being foundational for unity within the church. 
    1. Is the work of God in someone’s life enough of a foundation for unity within the church or does unity depend on more?  Why or why not?  
  3. In verse 1 the Apostle Paul also speaks of the importance of ‘affection’ and ‘sympathy’ when it comes to unity in the church. 
    1. Who is the most unlikely person that you have developed a genuine relationship with (‘affection’) because of what Jesus has done in your life?  
    2. How can we develop ‘sympathy’ for the position of someone that we disagree with if we aren’t able to know their story?   
    3. How would you describe or define "emotional intelligence"? How do you think emotional intelligence is created or developed?
  4. In verse 3 Paul speaks of having the humility to count others as more significant than yourself. When you think of humility who comes to mind?
    1. How do you think humility gets developed?
    2. What does “counting others more significant than yourself” actually look like in a practical sense?Where do you see “rivalry” pop up?
    3. How do you prevent rivalries or heal them? How does comparing yourself to others lead to disunity in the church? 
  5. How does a church ‘feel’ when there is unity verses when there is disunity?  Why is unity so vital and valuable in the church?