Philippians 1:27-30


  1. What is the difference between persecution and pressure?  Where have you felt pressure to conform or compromise to the culture (ie. at work, family, etc.)? 
  2. Paul says  that we are to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel. (v. 27)
    1. In a post-Christian culture, why is this more important than ever?
    2. Have you witnessed a Christian who was not living in a manner worthy of the Gospel and how did that affect you or others?
  3. Paul calls on us to stand firm in one spirit. (v. 27) What does this mean?  
    1. Where or how did you learn the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith? 
    2. Which of those foundational beliefs would you find hard to articulate and explain to others?     
    3. In light of this command to stand firm in one spirit, how should we think about the theological differences that we have between us?  
  4. Standing firm in one spirit calls us to lean into the next generation.
    1. Who in your life supported you in following Jesus as a young adult or new believer and what did that look like?         
    2. What do you think are the biggest questions and struggles that the next generation is wrestling with?       
    3.  Who in your life do you have an opportunity to lean in on and  help them to stand firm? What could that look like?  Do you find that exciting or intimidating?  
  5. Paul says that we are not to be frightened in anything by our opponents.  (v. 28) 
    1. How does a biblical understanding of the future (heaven) help us not to be fearful in the present? (see vv. Philippians 1:21 - 24) 
    2. Would you say that you have a good understanding of heaven?  Why or why not?