1. Do you think being a “disciple” is the same thing as being a “Christian”?
    1. What’s the difference? 
    2. Should every Christian be a disciple?
  2. When you look at the near future (the next 6 months to a year) what kinds of feelings, questions, or fears do you have... 
    1. ...for you personally?
    2. … for us as the church?
  3. Read Phil 1:21-23.
    1. Paul writes that “[his] desire is to depart.”  Can you relate to Paul’s sense of tiredness? What do you tend to do when you feel tired in your discipleship?
    2. What has helped you feel refreshment? 
    3. Do you think it is getting harder to be a Christian in our culture?
    4. Where have you felt that pressure in your own life? Do you find following Jesus to be “simple”? Why or why not?
  4. How has following Jesus given you purpose in your life? 
    1. John Stott writes that “The mark of a justified believer is JOY”. 
    2. Would you agree or disagree with this statement? Is your faith marked by joy?
    3. How do you experience joy, and how do you think God could use that for “your progress in the faith”?

Discipleship for Communities May 2nd, 2021