1. Phillipians is a letter to the church in Philippi calling them to grow and mature in their faith.  

    1. What was the season in your life where you really grew in your faith?

    2. When in your life were there seasons of spiritual withering? What caused that?

  2. Review the story of the founding of the church in Philippi (see Acts 16: 11-35) 

    1. We see here how people came to faith in different ways (intellectual engagement, the power of God and watching someone live out their faith).  When you think of how you came to faith, which way was most like yours?   

    2. Like Philippi, our church is surrounded by many shifts in culture.  What are some of those changes  in our post Christian culture that are most noticeable to you? How do they influence us / affect our faith?

  3. Read Philippians 2:17 & 4:9 

    1. What does it look like to ‘imitate’ someone who is following Jesus?  

    2. Can you give examples of times when you have imitated someone who is following Jesus?  What did that look like?