COMMUNITY Study Questions 

  1. Read Luke 19:1 - 4.  Zacchaeus was someone who was on the periphery.  
    1. What reasons would the crowd on that day have for wanting to keep Zacchaeus on the periphery?  
    2. What reasons would we (as individuals or as a church) have for being tempted to ignore people on the periphery (whether they are in the church or outside of the church)?   
    3. Think of someone that you know who is on the periphery.  What would it cost you to invite them closer to Jesus?  How exactly would you do that?       
  2. Read Luke 19:5 - 7.  Jesus took a real risk to reach out to Zacchaeus. 
    1. What are the dangers of taking risks to meet people where they are at so that they can hear the Good News of Jesus? What are the dangers of not taking risks and always playing it safe?  
    2. What is one change that has taken place in church this year that you didn’t necessarily love?  How should you think about that kind of a change in light of the fact that you are part of a larger community of people who are following Jesus? 
    3. What are one or two changes that have taken place in church this year that you really like?  Why?  
  3. Read Luke 19:8.  When Zacchaeus really meets Jesus it changes how he lives his life.   
    1. Think of that person who is kind of on the periphery (whether outside of the church or already in the church). 
    2. What might it look like if they responded to the call of Jesus to go deeper in their commitment to him?  
    3. If there was one area of your life that you wanted to see Jesus transform, what would that be?  
  4. Read Luke 19:9 - 10.  Salvation means that Zacchaeus is part of the community of the people of God. 
    1. Being in community with other believers is not always easy.  What are some of the challenges of being in community together with others?  
    2. Being in community is so important for followers of Jesus.  Why is it worthwhile being in community even if it isn’t always so easy?