COMMUNITY Study Questions 

  1. Read Colossians 3:12.  Think about times when you have been impatient over the past few days or weeks.
    1. How do you think your understanding of time affected your impatience?  
    2. Is it right for a Christian to think of time as ‘my’ time?  If not, then how should we think about time? 
    3. Do you think that if we changed the language we use around time it would help cultivate patience in our life?  (i.e. ‘spend time,’ ‘save time,’ ‘buy time’ ‘waste time’ as opposed to ‘devote time’ or ‘give time,’ the ‘gift of time’)  Why or why not? 
  2. Patience can be cultivated by slowing down the pace of our life. 
    1. How has Covid slowed down your life?  Has that been helpful or difficult for you?  Why? 
    2. How does a biblical understanding of time and heaven help us to slow down the pace of our life? 
    3. What are some practical ways you could slow down the pace of your life as you enter into a post-Covid world?  
  3. Read Ephesians 4:1 - 3.
    1. Why is patience so important within a church or a community group?  
    2. How is patience different than just “shutting up and living with it,” when it comes to something that we don’t like in the church or in our community group? 
    3. When should we be patient and work out our differences and when should we simply ‘bear with one another in love’?