COMMUNITY Study Questions

  1. Is there something in your life that you came to love or enjoy because your parent(s) loved and enjoyed it so much?  If so, share it with the group.  
  2. Read Genesis 18:16 - 21. 
    1. God loves righteousness and justice (social justice) and so He wants us to love that too.  What is your first response to the idea of being involved in social justice?  
    2. Social justice sometimes has a bad rap within the evangelical church because it is associated with the abandoning the call people to follow Jesus.  Should social justice ever be done without inviting people to follow Jesus?  If so, when and why?  If not, how should we do both social justice and share the gospel? (i.e. What does that look like?)  
  3. How do you, or how could you, practice social justice in the midst of your crazy busy life?  
  4. Read Genesis 18:22 - 33 (or at least vv. 32 - 33) 
    1. Do you have a story of when you experienced incredible mercy or grace in your life from someone else?  If so, share briefly what happened. 
    2. Why is it so important for us to understand how great the mercy and grace of God is in our lives if we want to genuinely participate in social justice?  
    3. How should we balance mercy and grace with the call to grow and change, both in our own lives and in the lives of those that we are advocating for?   


  1. For OCC and the safe collection & distribution of the shoeboxes.  That the children  & their families who receive them would receive & know the love of Jesus.
  2. For wisdom for our leaders who are directing policy and procedures regarding COVID 19.  For us as citizens to be humble and respectful of their leadership & care.
  3. For courage & boldness  for us, to reach out in love to our CITY this Christmas; invite a friend to church, serve someone who needs help---show them the love of Jesus.