As Jonathan mentioned in his message, the following are some suggestions and resources for you to join with us—wherever you are—to pray together, serve and love our world, and stay connected as the church.

Ridge Kids Resources

Access our Ridge Kids videos and other resources here:
(username: "mrbckids"; password: "born2soar")

Worship Songs

Musical worship is an important way in which we praise God and express our hearts towards him. Whether alone or with a group, this playlist of suggested songs may help you to continue this important practice while we are unable to gather in one building:

Reflection / Application Questions

  • How are you feeling with regard to everything that is going on around us right now? Are you confused, disappointed, frustrated, afraid? (Remember to be sensitive to the different feelings of others.)
    • Read Matthew 6:25-26 and remind each other of the truth of God’s sovereignty and care.
  • Pastor Jonathan mentioned Psalm 103 (particularly verses 15-16) and Psalm 90:12. Take a moment to read those passages again:
    • How do these passages apply to what we’re currently facing in our world?
    • How have you been investing your time and energy? On the things that are most important? Or on non-essentials?
    • How do some people’s concerns over COVID-19 actually reveal what they’ve truly been depending upon? What about you? What do your concerns show about your dependencies?
  • Be aware and act! What opportunities do you have to love and support those around you?

Prayer Suggestions

  • Pray for a deep-seated trust in God’s goodness and care.
  • Pray for a “heart of wisdom” and a humble approach to our lives.
  • Pray for God’s love to pour into us and through us.
  • Pray for opportunities to love and the courage to follow through. 


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