We use RebelGive for online giving, a fast and easy way to make online donations using your credit card. RebelGive allows you to donate just once, or set up automated giving online. Click the button below to give online or scroll down to see an instructional video on RebelGive.

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How To Use RebelGive


Here are some answers to common questions.
  • When switching our online infrastructure to Planning Center Online we needed to find a new online giving platform and with much research we have landed on using RebelGive.
  • It can be added seamlessly into our website.
  • We can use it to track offline giving.
  • It automatically sends end of year giving and report reminders to donors so they can get what they need whenever they need it.
  • It has the lowest transaction fees at 1.94% when the normal amount is 2.3%, so this means that more of what you give actually gets to go to make ministry happen!
  • It is cost efficient. As a church we will save between $4,000 and $4,500 a year when using RebelGive compared to other platforms. This also allows us to use more money to make ministry happen.
  • Many platforms raise their annual costs when the church size grows. RebelGive maxes out at $250 a month no matter how large Ridge Church gets. This is a huge benefit as we believe that our church will continue to grow and we are planning for the future.
  • What most people don't realize is that when you donate money to the church, the church has to pay fees on that money. When we go through our budgeting process we have to create a whole budget category to account for these fees that we will have to pay. What RebelGive does is switch the order of that process. When you type in the amount you want to donate it will indicate what fees will be added on top before you send through the money. This allows you the chance to change your original amount if you don't want to donate over a certain dollar amount. In the end the church receives the same amount of money that ends up going into making ministry happen. Here is an example of what you can do if you don't like the final dollar amount that the fee brings your total donation to.
    • You only want to donate $100, but with fees it brings it to $101.94. If you don't want what you give to be above $100 you can change your donation amount to $98.10. With fees it will bring the final amount to $100.
  • RebelGive does offer direct giving through a donor's bank account for free with no fees. The only issue is that this option isn't available to churches in Canada yet, but it is coming in the future.
  • If you prefer not to deal with these fees on your end, we still have our other avenues to give:
    • Automatic Withdrawals through RBC
    • Etransfer
    • Using debit or credit cards on site at our giving station or main offices
    • Giving cash at our giving station or main offices
    • Mailing in or dropping off a cheque at our giving station or main offices