Missions is Driven by Our GO Team

The role of the Global Outreach Team (GO Team) at RIDGE CHURCH  is to prayerfully strategize, organize and lead in the mobilization of our church towards a vision for missions, practical involvement and missionary connection so that the congregation is educated about, empowered for and significantly engaged in missions.  

Our team engaged in a process of re-visioning how we 'do' missions here at our church and we discovered that we have a passion for what God is doing with women and children around the world.  To that end, we streamlined our missionary strategy to support only those initiatives that targeted missionaries and missionary agencies that work specifically with women and children.    

As a team we want to engage as many people as possible in seeing both the practical and spiritual needs of women and children met.  One of the ways that we do this is through a series of smaller teams that we call Ministry Action Teams (MAT's).  Each team is focused on a specific area of missionary activity.

At present we have 4 MAT's:

Short Term Missions (STM)                 

In conjunction with communication with our current missionaries, we will facilitate in preparing STM teams that will bring real value to our existing Ridge Church missionaries.  We do this in order to fortify the current Ridge Church missions vision.  This MAT needs to be flexible, but should proactively assist in developing STM opportunities, vetting potential STM members, sourcing evangelistic, cultural and language training (or other tools) and providing guidance for support raising.  We want to have a team prepared and on the ground in one of our fields by mid-2016.

Missionary Advocacy Team (Advocacy)                          MAT Leader: Tanya Westlund

Missionary advocates will be responsible for the care of our missionaries and will be the primary point of connection between our church family and the missionary family; we will be their voice to our congregation.  Our team will find creative ways to keep our missionaries in our congregation's minds and prayers.  We will ensure that they are taken care of and meet with our congregation, while on furlough.  Our hope is that at least two people will be dedicated to each missionary so that they will come to know, connect with, and care for that missionary family, thus leading us to become better participants in God's mission.  

Operation Christmas Child Ministry Action Team(OCC) Team Leader: Barb Gustafson

The OCC MAT will prayerfully strategize, organize and lead in the mobilization of Ridge Church towards a vision of Gospel opportunities for reaching some of the one billion children who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease and famine, so that our Ridge Church will be practically involved and empowered to make an impact, one gift-filled shoe box at a time.

The Prayer Action Team (PAT)                                               MAT Leader:Temi Aluko

The Prayer Action Team will be responsible for mobilizing the members of Ridge Church to pray for Missions and our Missionaries.  As a church, prayer is central to what we do and we believe that this includes praying for what God is doing through our Missionary families.  Our purpose is to draw people from the Church to concerted prayers for both local and global Missions in general and for our Missionaries in particular, so that we can be a part of God's agenda in reaching our world for Jesus.   

If you are interested in any of these teams please contact the church office.

Listed below are the global missionaries we are currently supporting as they work with women and children.