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Casa Compasiva, “Compassion House”, is a Christian birth and midwifery training centre in Oaxaca, Mexico, which Lila started in 2011. Lila saw the need for quality maternity care in Oaxaca where maternity care is usually only available to the well to do. The creation of Casa Compasiva was a way to provide that quality maternity care and in the process reach people for Christ. They offer women prenatal classes, natural birth deliveries, and post partum care. Not only do they meet the women’s physical needs, they also meet their spiritual needs through Bible Study, and training.

In addition to their work at Casa Compasiva, the Quezada clan is also involved in recording the New Testament and the Jesus Film in to the 120 languages that are spoken in Oaxaca.  All recordings are dramatized, multi-voice and have music and effects added to make the text come alive.  


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