When and where do I drop off my kids?

When you arrive at church, sign in your kids at the Check-In Station in the lobby. RIDGEKIDS Nursery (0-36 months) and RIDGEKIDS JR (Preschool and Kindergarten) students can proceed directly to their classrooms. Kids in grades 1-5 stay with you for the first 15 minutes of the main service and are then dismissed into the lobby. Our volunteers will escort them to the classroom from there.

What do I do with my check-in labels?

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll receive three labels for each of your kids. Two are identical and include your child’s name and your phone number. Place one of these labels on your child as a nametag and give the other to the volunteers in your child’s classroom. The third label has a barcode on it. Hold on to this label, as you will use it to sign out your child after church!

What the labels look like

Should my child bring anything to RIDGEKIDS?

We encourage students in grades 1-5 to bring their Bibles to the classroom! In fact, we reward them with Bible bucks that can be exchanged for prizes every time they bring their Bible from home. Craft supplies, snacks and water are provided. We have plenty of Bibles available for children who don’t have their own or forget to bring one from home.

What snacks do you serve?

We serve Welch’s Fruit Snacks to our RIDGEKIDS JR and Elementary students every week! They are delicious and nut-free.

Can I serve in my child’s classroom?

If you’re interested in serving in RIDGEKIDS, we’d love for you to join the team! Please send an email to Anastasia Chalatnik (anastasia@ridgechurch.ca RIDGEKIDS JR & Nursery) or Claudia Banbury (claudia@ridgechurch.ca RIDGEKIDS) to inquire about the next steps.

Can my child attend RIDGEKIDS if he or she is sick?


Does your church offer child dedication?

Yes! If you are interested in dedicating your child, please send an email to Pastor Jonathan (jonathan@ridgechurch.ca). To learn more about child dedication, click here.

What curriculum do you use in your classrooms?

The lessons in our RIDGEKIDS Elementary and RIDGEKIDS JR classrooms are based on content from Grow Curriculum. A typical lesson includes a Bible story, a Big Idea to help kids understand what the story’s all about, and age-appropriate activities where they can apply their learning. Every week, you can read the parent newsletter we send to your email to find out what story we’re teaching that Sunday!

Do you have any resources that will help my children grow in their faith at home?

Yes! Ridge Church offers free subscriptions to Right Now Media, a Netflix of Christian resources, to all of our congregants.