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Ridge Church partnered with several other Ridge Meadows churches in 2015 - and now six years later, have two families settled in Maple Ridge. Servan & Lilaf, our second refugee family, arrived right before the pandemic -- and now a year and a half later are working (along with our Team) to see more of their family join them in Canada. Please watch the video above, to hear more of their story and their hopes of bringing their family out of Istanbul (Kurdish Refugees in Istanbul) as life is very difficult for them there. 

This has been a project between many churches in our CITY - and we hope to continue to partner together to see this family reunited and brought to safety. Please consider sponsoring them financially - and also please be in prayer for this process. We have some remaining funds from our first fundraising effort and are still looking to see Ridge Church raise about $25,000-$30,000 more. Every dollar helps - and no amount is too small. Thank you for your parternship in this!